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WinSleep Monitor by MollieSoft

Monitor computers using WinSleep remotely

  • Client Timeline Graph
  • Client Sleep Journal
MollieSoft  |  1 more applications - May 10, 2019
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WinSleep Monitor by MollieSoft
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WinSleep Monitor is created for WinSleep users, who want to monitor computers using WinSleep remotely. It can be used also for remotely setting awake and sleep schedules, and for putting remote computers to sleep, hibernation or wake them up.

WinSleep allows users to create wake and sleep schedules, thus saving on energy consumption of the computers. It also records and displays when the computer was in different states, such as being awake or sleeping.

WinSleep Monitor can be set to monitor any number of computers running WinSleep, providing that it has the monitoring authorization from the host app. Monitoring authorization can be permitted by setting a connection password and a computer name or IP of the monitor in the WinSleep.

A list of all the monitored computers is shown in the main window, along with the pooling frequency. For each computer monitored, a computer state timeline graph and system information can be displayed. Also, a sleep journal can be displayed, providing information when the computer went to sleep and when it woke up, along with the reasons for doing so.

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